Monday, May 23, 2011


My oldest daughter, Tara, is having her first baby tomorrow.  Things are beginning to get started today and I'm so excited I can barely stand it.   I feel very honoured that Tara asked me to be at the labour and the is such a wonderous time.
We have two beautiful granddaughters already, Annalise and Madison, and the excitement and anticipation does not diminish each time a new little life comes into the world. 
So my plan for today to try and stay calm is to rebead the little bracelet I wore when Tara was born, the one they put on me at the hospital with our family name on it.  It has little pink beads (about size 8) with white cube beads embossed with each letter of our last name per bead.  Back in the "olden days", that's how they identified the mother.  Tara wants to wear it when she has her of life.  The whole process is all so new since Tara was born.  It's really very amazing.
Take care everyone, I'm giving you all a virtual hug, I'm so happy,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sensational Bead Embroidery - Sherry Serafini

I just received my hot-off-the-press, long awaited book.  It's beautiful.  I can't wait to get home from work and take a slow leisurely look through it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Corsage Project

The Corsage Project is an organization that makes it possible for young girls,
who otherwise would be unable to, attend their graduation proms .  The Corsage Project provides these young ladies with prom dresses, shoes and jewellery.

This program touches my heart.  Please have a look at their website and if you live near Toronto, Ontario perhaps you can help.  Can you imagine the excitement and joy you will bring to a young lady. 

If you don't live close enough to drop off dress, shoes or accessories, you may also make monetary donations online.

OR you can make jewellery.

BeadFX is an amazing bead, lampwork store in Toronto, Ontario.  BeadFX has been a sponsor of this project since 2005.  BeadFX is also offering Corsage Project open beading dates to drop by and make jewellery for these young ladies to wear to the prom.  Again, if you live in the Toronto area and are a beader, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet other beaders and help to create a memory of a lifetime for a young girl.  The dates and times are posted on BeadFX Blog as well as on The Corsage Project website.
You may also drop off finished jewellery at BeadFX up to March 31st, 2011.

Thank you, Judy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another lesson learned

I've noticed some artists have so many projects on the go at once.  I admire the ability to do that and we always get to see the finished project.  I have tried to do only one project at a time because I know how easily I get distracted and I could see piles and piles of unfinished work.

Well...........the past weeks have been really challenging.  I have been working on my first cab and rope necklace.  I really like the idea of the rope matching or complimenting the cab, so I taught myself tubular Ndebele stitch to do a rope.  I then bezelled a Lisa Peter's cab and there it all ended.  I wasn't sure how to attach the rope to the cab.  I made a couple of bales and finished one I liked but now I don't quite know how to attach it.  I then thought a wooden bead would work very well with the pottery cab, but again I'm stumped about the best way to attach it.  I think my problem is that I cut the backing too close to the beads that are bezelling the cab and I just can't figure out how to attach the rope.

Anyhow, I realized I needed more knowledge than I have to finish this necklace.  I was also getting really ticked off with it, so for my sanity, I put it away.  I started working on a brooch from a kit I got from Beadwright.  By doing the brooch it took my mind off the necklace and I suddenly thought of a few things that might work.  Funny, all the struggling and when you put the thing out of your mind - bingo up pops a solution.  As well there were some techniques in the brooch that I could possibly apply to the necklace.  I'm not sure if I'll be satisfied with my idea, but at least now I'm prepared to give it some more time.

So, there's a lot to be said for having a couple of projects on the go at once.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have, even if it's to start over again.  I have taken so many things apart because I wasn't satisfied with them and the revamped piece has always been better. 

Talking about taking apart - remember the Cellini bracelet that I had already given away............

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much Andrea

Seven things about me
- I have a major sweet tooth
- I'm hitting a major milestone birthday this year.  I've loved every  birthday I've had to date, I'm really trying to age with grace...still sucks though
- I have two granddaughters with another granddaughter on the way
- I occasionally stay in my p.j.'s all day on the weekend
- My favourite type of vacation is a road trip
- I have Dystonia, specifically spasmodic torticollus.  Not asking for sympathy, it's just one of the things about me
- I really really love my life (sappy but true)

15 Bloggers I think deserve this award

These blogs are not in any order of preference, but alphabetical.  I love them all and they are all talented in their given field.   Most of the bead artists sell their work on Etsy or Art Fire.

Abalorios Ababeads - this young lady, Cristina Hernandez, is a bead artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She is a talented and prolific artist.  The link here is to the translated version of her site.

Beading Gem's Journal - this blog is packed with information, advice, links and beautiful beading.  Pearl is a fellow Canadian.

Bead Mavens - this blog consists of five bead artists of amazing talent and knowledge who provide inspiration and monthly tutorials.

Beads Forever - Linda Roberts blog is bright, cheerful, informative with beautiful beading and dichroic glass that Linda has created and sells in her Etsy store.

Beadwright - this lady has great heart, is funny, knowledgeable, very talented and sells the best Nicole's Beadbacking in a myriad of colours.

Betty Stephan Beadwork - This particular blog has to do with Betty's journey and the hurdles crossed while preparing jewellery for a bride in Australia to wear on her wedding day.  Betty also has another blog.

Enchanted Doll - WOW, I really don't have words for this young lady's blog.  Have a look, you'll be blown away.  I'm taking you right to her Gallery page.

Gloria's Blog Viva La Vida - this is a great blog with lots of art, Latin recipes and a zest for life that's contagious, oh yeah, Gloria loves Frida as do I.

Haute Ice Beadwork This lady's blog showcases her outstanding design and technique.  Marsha Wiest-Hines is also one of the few first beading ladies I came across. 

In a Year...One Mohawk Woman's Exploration of Life - Kahente is an accomplished writer and my beloved friend, this is and will be a good blog to follow.

Peter Sewell - Bead Artist Extraordinaire from the United Kingdom.  Peter's blog showcases his exquisite work.  Peter has great wit, you'll enjoy his blog.

Princess Bubbles Creates Angela Grasse is an artist that loves working with paper and fabric.  She lives in Kitchener, Ontario which is about 1 hour from me...another Canadian.

Roberta Warshaw - Roberta is a graphic designer and artist in many different mediums.  The photographs throughout Roberta's blog give you a look into one of the many areas she uses her talent other than bead designing.

Triz's Beading Mania - beautiful, masterful beading and Triz provides pictures of the work as she creates, which I really love seeing.  Triz recently made availabie tutorials for some of her creations. 

Vegvacious - my friend Andrea's blog.  This is all about easy healthy eating with great recipes and she really is as nice and as vibrant as she sounds.

Whew, done....... now I'll let them know they've won the Stylish Blogger Award. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Triz has Tutorials

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a bead artist that I admire greatly, Patrizia Tager "Triz".  She was one of the very first bead artists I found and I'm so glad I did.  This wonderful lady sells her designs on Etsy and she is now selling tutorials .

Roberta Warshaw, another artist I admire very much, has said about Triz's tutorial, "Easy to read and understand with great links for purchasing the necessary components".  I have not yet bought a tutorial from Triz, I'm holding out for a specific upcoming one, however, Roberta has kindly allowed me to print her endorsement.  I am happy to have this opportunity to direct you to Roberta's Etsy shop for some really really beautiful jewellery, which for me, has a very zen like feel to it.

Best wishes, Judy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here's another

This is an amazing site which is the home/base site for my previous post.  More colour exhibits to see....o.k, I'm done posting about colour.

Colour Theory

I posted this link in a comment below my last posting, however, I think this is such a good site, it's worth having it's own post.
If you're interested in colour at all, this is a good read.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Colour Resources

I have always been interested in colour combinations and recently I have been taking an analytical look at the various combinations I like and why I like them.

I came across some great websites recently with respect to colour:
  • Robin Atkins - bead artist, author and teacher.  She gives some very good, easily understandable advice on how to blend colours in beading.  I recommend reading her specific blog on this subject.
  • Beverley Ash Gilbert.  I have her book, Beaded Colorways.  This book includes colour wheels, an explanation of how to work with colour, some basic beadweaving instructions, various projects with complete instructions, also projects using freeform peyote. 
  • Margie Deeb.  Her gallery page on her website is a good place to view colour combinations.  Her website is very informative.
  • Color Scheme Designer.  This is a practical place to play with colour.  This website is worth the visit.
  • Pantone website.  Huge amount of information.
Probably most artists know of the three ladies I mention here, however, they are fairly new to me and I wanted to share my "new" discovery.  If you have a colour info site you like, I'd love to hear of it.