Monday, March 7, 2011

Another lesson learned

I've noticed some artists have so many projects on the go at once.  I admire the ability to do that and we always get to see the finished project.  I have tried to do only one project at a time because I know how easily I get distracted and I could see piles and piles of unfinished work.

Well...........the past weeks have been really challenging.  I have been working on my first cab and rope necklace.  I really like the idea of the rope matching or complimenting the cab, so I taught myself tubular Ndebele stitch to do a rope.  I then bezelled a Lisa Peter's cab and there it all ended.  I wasn't sure how to attach the rope to the cab.  I made a couple of bales and finished one I liked but now I don't quite know how to attach it.  I then thought a wooden bead would work very well with the pottery cab, but again I'm stumped about the best way to attach it.  I think my problem is that I cut the backing too close to the beads that are bezelling the cab and I just can't figure out how to attach the rope.

Anyhow, I realized I needed more knowledge than I have to finish this necklace.  I was also getting really ticked off with it, so for my sanity, I put it away.  I started working on a brooch from a kit I got from Beadwright.  By doing the brooch it took my mind off the necklace and I suddenly thought of a few things that might work.  Funny, all the struggling and when you put the thing out of your mind - bingo up pops a solution.  As well there were some techniques in the brooch that I could possibly apply to the necklace.  I'm not sure if I'll be satisfied with my idea, but at least now I'm prepared to give it some more time.

So, there's a lot to be said for having a couple of projects on the go at once.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have, even if it's to start over again.  I have taken so many things apart because I wasn't satisfied with them and the revamped piece has always been better. 

Talking about taking apart - remember the Cellini bracelet that I had already given away............


  1. I am really bad at finishing jewelry. It just seems so complicated. Almost more difficult than making the focal part of the piece. I like making rings best since there is no gadgetry to connect. I cannot tell you how many unfinished pieces I have in my studio.

  2. Really, I didn't know that, he he, that's good to hear.
    I just had a crazy idea, would it be good to get a group of people that could exchange unfinished projects with the unused materials for that project and see where the creativity would take the piece. Just one on one exchange rather than passing the project onto many people? I suppose there would be different levels of skill but that wouldn't matter, it's all about a different set of eyes and hands. Then post the before and after, I think that would be a really interesting experiment... yes, no?

  3. Do not start over again! Your components are beautiful and look wonderful together. I say give yourself permission to just make things up. I think that is how the big boys design jewelry. You have a nice aesthetic, and the ability to teach yourself what you need... I think you have the right idea. Step away from the project for a bit and let it gestate. :o)

  4. Thank you so much Marsha for taking the time to search out my blog. I really appreciate your comments and will certainly take your advice to heart. It really means so much to have someone of your calibre look at my work and offer your opinion. It is a great motivator and you are very generous.
    Have a great day and best wishes, Judy

  5. Looks pretty good to me Judy. I'm sure it will be great once completed. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Looks pretty good to me Judy. I'm sure it will be great once completed. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Thanks Gloria, I'm going to work on it tonight and see what happens. I'm pretty excited about it now.