Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much Andrea

Seven things about me
- I have a major sweet tooth
- I'm hitting a major milestone birthday this year.  I've loved every  birthday I've had to date, I'm really trying to age with grace...still sucks though
- I have two granddaughters with another granddaughter on the way
- I occasionally stay in my p.j.'s all day on the weekend
- My favourite type of vacation is a road trip
- I have Dystonia, specifically spasmodic torticollus.  Not asking for sympathy, it's just one of the things about me
- I really really love my life (sappy but true)

15 Bloggers I think deserve this award

These blogs are not in any order of preference, but alphabetical.  I love them all and they are all talented in their given field.   Most of the bead artists sell their work on Etsy or Art Fire.

Abalorios Ababeads - this young lady, Cristina Hernandez, is a bead artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She is a talented and prolific artist.  The link here is to the translated version of her site.

Beading Gem's Journal - this blog is packed with information, advice, links and beautiful beading.  Pearl is a fellow Canadian.

Bead Mavens - this blog consists of five bead artists of amazing talent and knowledge who provide inspiration and monthly tutorials.

Beads Forever - Linda Roberts blog is bright, cheerful, informative with beautiful beading and dichroic glass that Linda has created and sells in her Etsy store.

Beadwright - this lady has great heart, is funny, knowledgeable, very talented and sells the best Nicole's Beadbacking in a myriad of colours.

Betty Stephan Beadwork - This particular blog has to do with Betty's journey and the hurdles crossed while preparing jewellery for a bride in Australia to wear on her wedding day.  Betty also has another blog.

Enchanted Doll - WOW, I really don't have words for this young lady's blog.  Have a look, you'll be blown away.  I'm taking you right to her Gallery page.

Gloria's Blog Viva La Vida - this is a great blog with lots of art, Latin recipes and a zest for life that's contagious, oh yeah, Gloria loves Frida as do I.

Haute Ice Beadwork This lady's blog showcases her outstanding design and technique.  Marsha Wiest-Hines is also one of the few first beading ladies I came across. 

In a Year...One Mohawk Woman's Exploration of Life - Kahente is an accomplished writer and my beloved friend, this is and will be a good blog to follow.

Peter Sewell - Bead Artist Extraordinaire from the United Kingdom.  Peter's blog showcases his exquisite work.  Peter has great wit, you'll enjoy his blog.

Princess Bubbles Creates Angela Grasse is an artist that loves working with paper and fabric.  She lives in Kitchener, Ontario which is about 1 hour from me...another Canadian.

Roberta Warshaw - Roberta is a graphic designer and artist in many different mediums.  The photographs throughout Roberta's blog give you a look into one of the many areas she uses her talent other than bead designing.

Triz's Beading Mania - beautiful, masterful beading and Triz provides pictures of the work as she creates, which I really love seeing.  Triz recently made availabie tutorials for some of her creations. 

Vegvacious - my friend Andrea's blog.  This is all about easy healthy eating with great recipes and she really is as nice and as vibrant as she sounds.

Whew, done....... now I'll let them know they've won the Stylish Blogger Award. 


  1. Thanks so much for picking me! This is an awesome list so I shall go explore!

  2. You are a sweetheart and made my day. I am not feel well. This brought a smile to my heart.
    Thank you Judy. For those of you who don't know Judy is an amazing woman.

  3. Aw...thanks Judy! This post takes a lot of work but it makes the people you recognize feel so good. I'm glad you really love your life ~ you deserve it!!

  4. I'm sorry I have to respond en masse, I was down with a headache last night and earlier this a.m. and I didn't get back to the blog in time to respond individually.
    Pearl, you are welcome and I love your blog, so much fabulous information.
    Nicole, I'm really sorry you're not feeling well, I hate that for you. BTW I finished your broach kit, I took some pictures but they're awful so I'll try tomorrow depending on the weather.
    Andrea, you really are a kind person, thanks.

  5. You included me in with some amazing blogs, so I've very honored to have been chosen! Thank you. I'll be sharing it on facebook. :)

  6. Thank you Linda, you deserve this.

  7. Thank you so much for the award. I truly appreciate the thought. I now have a smile on my face. Thank you again.

  8. Gloria, I'm glad you have a smile on your face, especially for today!

  9. Judy, THANK YOU for the award. I love blogging just for myself, but it really pleases me to know that others read what I have written and find something of value in it. :o) !!!

  10. Your welcome Marsha, your writing is so engaging and I love reading your posts.

  11. Thank you Judy! I'll have to try and find something interesting to write now! :))) xx

  12. Peter, no problem for you to do that. I really enjoy your posts.