Monday, May 23, 2011


My oldest daughter, Tara, is having her first baby tomorrow.  Things are beginning to get started today and I'm so excited I can barely stand it.   I feel very honoured that Tara asked me to be at the labour and the is such a wonderous time.
We have two beautiful granddaughters already, Annalise and Madison, and the excitement and anticipation does not diminish each time a new little life comes into the world. 
So my plan for today to try and stay calm is to rebead the little bracelet I wore when Tara was born, the one they put on me at the hospital with our family name on it.  It has little pink beads (about size 8) with white cube beads embossed with each letter of our last name per bead.  Back in the "olden days", that's how they identified the mother.  Tara wants to wear it when she has her of life.  The whole process is all so new since Tara was born.  It's really very amazing.
Take care everyone, I'm giving you all a virtual hug, I'm so happy,